Testing is vital for the success of software. Whether it be an iOS or an Android application, OS X or Windows, every app is going to have bugs; this is part of the development process. Although the goal of a developer team is to make sure that software works, the testing team, which is responsible for making sure that the application doesn't do what it isn't supposed to do, is seldom given the recognition it deserves. At Betasoft, we are dedicated to providing you with the most efficient testing in as little time as possible. 

 Automated Testing: Before an application can be released to the public, it needs to be tested for its strengths and weaknesses in all of its attributes. However, it can be tedious to design a test for every aspect of an application. Automated testing enables us to create a script and run it repeatedly in order to monitor the responsiveness of the application to different stimuli, resulting in a quicker diagnosis of the problem than with manual testing.

Functional Testing: Functional testing can be used as an extremely beneficial tool to determine whether or not software is doing what it's supposed to do. By studying the function of the software, feeding it inputs and monitoring the outputs it returns, we can diagnose it with any problems and fix them if needed.

Performance Testing: Although a system may work, it may not be working well. Betasoft's Performance testing will send your software through a variety of different tests of varying intensity, from high traffic to responsiveness to an attempted breach.

Security Testing: Possibly the most self-explanatory form of testing, security testing involves attempts to access vital or private information that the software holds. Betasoft's security testers will then provide clients with a report on how the software fared with different tests, and what strategies to implement in order make the software more durable.

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