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BetaSoft Inc is a privately held corporation based in San Jose, California. Founded in 1995, its main business is providing software testing & quality assurance services throughout the United States and Canada.
Our areas of expertise are in performance & automated testing, QA management, test planning and process improvement.  We also resell automated and performance test tools and solutions. Check our services page for more detailed information about our services.
Since 1999 and while growing as a consulting company, BetaSoft developed an online center for software testing and quality assurance resources. Centered around a popular discussions board: the center soon added a links portal and a downloads directory A jobs board was soon added after that Our latest additions are a news site and coming soon, the reopening of the jobs site and a new training site
Announcing our newest resource QA Training Network: ( The online software testing & quality assurance training center is now open!
BetaSoft Inc, together with our leading training partners have finally brought you the perfect solution for online training and certification in quality assurance and test tools. Together with Automated Solutions will provide you with online courses for WinRunner, LoadRunner, TestDirector and the Astra product lines. We are also expanding the courses to include tools by other vendors such as SilkTest and SilkPerformer, plus general software testing courses.
QA Forums is a FREE service designed to help software test professionals and tool users to discuss problems and issues with various topics and tools.
Each forum comes with the capability of replying through email and has many other features including posting to user group email lists and news groups. Please register to use the forums and refer your quality assurance friends.
QA Jobs network is the career center dedicated only for QA professionals. It's designed to help quality engineers find jobs as well as enable recruiters to locate and place available quality candidates.
Please read the Help area to find out more on how to post and search for jobs and/or resumes.
Designed to be a links directory & portal for quality assurance websites and resources. You will find links to recommended books and many resources on the web related to software testing & quality assurance. Help making this portal be the best QA search engine by submitting your own QA related links using the our link submission form.
FTP & download directory for many evaluation test tools & useful utilities as well as code libraries written for various test tools such as SilkTest, WinRunner, Robot & Visual Test. These code libraries or functions are submitted by people like you. Help share your useful resources by submitting your resources/papers to us.
Is the news source for quality assurance and software testing field. Submit your QA business news & press releases for other professionals to read.
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